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Air Filtration

Since 1915, Donaldson has pioneered the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy-duty engine air filtration. On-road or off, you can trust Donaldson air filtration to withstand even the harshest environments.

Donaldson air filters are fitted with filter media specially designed to trap contaminants such as dirt, dust and soot before they cause harm to your engine and equipment. Our full line of air intake filter systems, replacement parts and accessories are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to meet any application.

Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

Contamination and water are the enemies of fuels and lubricants, robbing vehicles and equipment of performance and longevity. The Donaldson Clean Fuel and Lubricant Solutions product range incorporates cutting-edge technology designed to clean, protect and polish your fuels and oils prior to use in vehicles and equipment.

Bulk filtration is intended to provide your equipment with the cleanest possible fluids:

  • Clean – Donaldson single-pass filtration on the inlet reduces the risk of contamination in bulk storage tanks and helps maintain desired cleanliness levels.
  • Protect – T.R.A.P. breathers and Active Reservoir Vents (ARV) products reduce the risk of moisture and airborne contaminants entering bulk storage tanks. Clean dry fluids are less prone to microbial growth and premature degradation.
  • Polish – Aged or poorley maintained infrastructure may be a significant source of contamination. Donaldson dispense point or final filtraiton ensures that targeted ISO cleanliness levels are achieved.

Mufflers, Exhaust And Accessories

For more than 60 years, Donaldson has been a leading exhaust and muffler maintenance supplier, offering complete exhaust systems, components and accessories for medium and heavy-duty diesel powered engines.

We make maintenance of your filters easy too! The full line of Donaldson filtration accessories will reduce your filtration and maintenance costs and eliminate over-servicing. Check out our complete line of filter service indicators and intake accessories, including rubber products, pre-cleaners rain caps and mounting bands.

Coolant Filtration & Coolant

It's estimated that 40-50% of engine downtime is due to coolant system failure. And with today's diesel engines, balance is the key in coolant filtration to keep your engine running efficiently. Donaldson coolant filters remove contaminants and maintain cooling system balance – helping to keep today’s hot-running engines cool and reducing downtime.


Donaldson’s Thermo-Tech range covers all of your fleet coolant needs, including conventional heavy-duty technologies, environmentally friendly organic product, and our superior long life propylene glycol hybrid offering.

Fuel Filtration

Diesel fuel and diesel fuel systems are ever-changing technologies, over the past decade, numerous emission standards and engineering achievements have come together to provide some of the most advanced diesel engine designs. The changes include stringent specifications, finer tolerances and the acceptance of alternative forms of fuels such as biodiesels. Fuel filter performance and technology have also been challenged by these rapid advancements, Donaldson engineers have proven to be up to this challenge through continual research and development and the advancement of media technologies.

Donaldson fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel which ultimately helps prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and can boost fuel efficiency. Donaldson manufactures a comprehensive range of spin-on, cartridge and fuel/water separator filters for diesel engines.

Hydraulic  Equipment Filtration

Performance under any pressure. Donaldson offers a complete line of spin-on, cartridge-style and in-tank hydraulic filters – including high, medium and low pressure options to protect expensive hydraulic components in machinery and components in hundreds of applications — in the factory and on heavy-duty equipment.


Lube Filtration

Get peak engine and equipment performance with Donaldson lube filters. Donaldson carries a complete line of oil filters for diesel engines — in both standard life and Donaldson Blue™ for extended service intervals.

Today's oil is tasked with handling more contamination for extended periods of time. A well designed lube filtration system in engineered with overall engine strategy in mind to provide maximum protection. The benefits of this up front design strategy have resulted in enhanced filtration medias and inclusion of traditionally separate components into a streamlined system. Donaldson strives to offer design flexibility to meet these field application needs through longer life filter media, extended oil drain products and traditional product offerings.


Filter Service Kits

Modern diesel engines require clean, dry fuel for optimum combustion, maximum power and the lowest emissions level. Dirt and water are enemies of High Pressure Common Rail fuel systems and can dramatically reduce the service life of fuel components. Donaldson offers a comprehensive range of service kits which include the necessary filters to make servicing easy. Our Heavy-Duty filter kits have been designed specially to protect your investment in the harshest environments.


Quality Guaranteed!

When you buy Donaldson you can be certain you are buying quality filtration. Our 

aftermarket warranty provides cover for 1 year from installation or, for the normal service interval period as stated in the equipment manufacturers service manual (whichever occurs first). The use of aftermarket filtration will not void engine and equipment manufacturers’ warranties.

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